Ilia State University (ISU) is the leading public research higher education institute in Georgia. Established in 2006, ISU united several Georgian institutions and since then it has been promoting the principles of liberal education. ISU endeavours to provide high-quality education and works toward the development of a sustainable future and liberal society. One of the significant reforms in terms of research management is the design of liberal arts education principles, freedom of choice, freedom of learning, and freedom of research. Research is encouraged at ISU as the core higher education activity, with a strategy of recruiting and retaining the best academics and researchers. Its goals are to provide high-quality education and facilitate rigorous research through innovative initiatives and policies. ISU believes that this approach will contribute to the creation of a global knowledge-based society capable of developing sustainable solutions for the challenges of the 21st century.

The School of Arts and Sciences is one of the largest academic colleges at Ilia State University. It respects the academic freedom of students. During the first two semesters students take general classes, such as Principles of Modern Thought, Academic Writing, Presentation, and Communication and Discussion Skills. They can then choose one or two fields of interest and acquire a deeper knowledge during the next six semesters and gain a Bachelor’s Degree.

The School offers a variety of degree and non-degree professional training programmes. The School’s bachelors degree gives students an opportunity to be competitive on the job market – a third of the students find a job while still studying for the degree. The field of political sciences is one of the most demanding areas at Ilia State University where students strive towards getting the skills and knowledge that will prepare them for their future career.