Creation of the Graduate Curricula in Peace Studies in Georgia (PESTUGE)

This project contributes to the enhancement of teaching as well as training activities in Peace Studies at graduate level for students in Tbilisi and regional universities in conflict-affected areas. Academic courses taught at 4 HEIs and training cycles conducted at for students from Gori and Zugdidi will be aimed at increasing the level of knowledge and understanding concerning Peace processes not only in Georgia, but worldwide.

Georgian youth engaged in studying international relations and political sciences will be equipped with deeper insights and conceptual understanding of peace, conflict resolution, and negotiation, reconciliation, and rehabilitation issues. They will be offered high quality academic courses, which will be produced as a result of close collaboration with European partners. This will assist in achieving project goals and objectives in the medium and long term. In the medium-term, with the first wave of graduates, as they pursue career paths, the impact of the peace studies modules will be multiplied in all areas where competences and skills for conflict analysis, the development of peace strategies, conflict management and the promotion of peace are requested or desired. In the long term, the potential of graduates for a mindset change in society holds significance for further educational inquiry in Georgia, the dedication of partner institutions though professional and culturally appropriate project staff will serve to inspire young people to live according to their educational values.