Group 1

Introduction into Peace Studies and Foreign Policy

  1. Sergi Kapanadze -­ Introduction to Peace Studies
    International Relations Theories
  2. Giorgi Gvalia -­ Introduction to Peace Studies Theories of International Relations
  3. Gvantsa Abdaladze -­ Russia and the Former Soviet Space
    International politics: Models of world political order

Group 2

Theories of Peace and IR

  1. Levan Geradze -­Theory of Peace Conflict in Abkhazia
  2. Nino Pavlenishvili -­ Theory of War and Peace
    Ethnic Conflicts in Comparative perspective
  3. Guram Markhulia  -­  Geopolitics  and  Contemporary  International  Relations  1991-­‐2015 The  International  Organizations
  4. Sergi Kapanadze -­ Theories of peace and conflict resolution International negotiations

Group 3

Conflicts and Regionalism

  1. Kakha Shengelia -­ Peace, Conflicts and Coexistence in the Caucasus History of Georgia
  2. Tariel Sikharulidze -­  Negotiation of political Conflicts
    International  mediation
  3. Elguja Qavtaradze -­‐ Georgia and Regional Peace Management and Regulation of Political Conflicts

Group 4

Peacekeeping, Peace building, Peacemaking

  1. David Aprasidze -­ The International Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Foreign Policy of EU and EU Member States
  2. Dali Khomeriki -­ Strategic Peacebuilding Globalization and Peace
  3. Nikoloz Samkharadze -­ Management of peace processes
    Cases of International Conflicts
  4. Tornike Turmanidze -­ International Conflicts and Peace building International    Security
  5. Eka  Akobia   -­   Peacekeeping   operations International     organizations
  6. Zurab Davitashvili -­ Nationalism, Ethnic Conflicts and Peace Keeping Geopolitics of the Southern Caucasus

Working Groups for Curriculim Development – PESTUGE

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