Eka Akobia

Eka Akobia holds a PHD degree in International Relations from the Tbilisi State University. She teaches at both the Tbilisi State University (TSU) and the Caucasus University (CU). Variously she teaches theories of international relations, international organizations and Peacekeeping and Peace-making courses. She has published number of academic articles as well as contributed to three edited volumes of the European Union series published in Georgia as part of a Jean Monnet project. Currently, she is the Dean of the Caucasus School of Governance at Caucasus University.

She has garnered her MA degree in International Relations from Baylor University, USA and her BA degree in Political Science from Hartwick College, USA. She has participated in several senior level non degree programs, such as the NATO Senior Executive Master Course (2004), the Summer University on “Federalism, Constitutionalism and Conflict Transformation in Multiethnic Societies” University of Fribourg, Switzerland (2005) and the Qualitative Research Methods Course (ICQRM) from Syracuse University, USA (2011).

Besides her academic work, Eka Akobia has extensive public service experience. She worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, since 2005. Among other positions, she has worked as the deputy director of the Department of the Americas (2009-2010), the deputy director of the Political Department (2010-2012) and as the Director of the Asia, Africa, Australia and the Pacific Department (2012-2016). She has extensive knowledge and experience in Georgia’s foreign policy and has been one of the key figures in devising Georgia’s global outreach since 2008.

Her latest publication is Eka Akobia, “European Security Order: Historical and Theoretical Appraisal of the Russian View”, Journal of Young Researchers. No.3, July, 2016.

In the framework of PESTUGE, Ms. Akobia is updating one course on International Organizations and developing a new course on the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.

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