Dr Tengiz Simashvili

Tengiz SimaSvili is a Professor at the Telavi State University (since 2004) and Assistant professor at the School of Governance, Caucasus University(since 2014), also invited lecturer Tbilisi State University (autumn 2014). He earned the degrees of PhD in History in Iv. Javakhishvili State Institute of History and Ethnography of Science Academy of Georgia (Department of Modern History);  M.A. in History at Telavi State Institute, (Department of History). He has extensive academic experience as Dr Simashvili has been a participant of numerous programmes, including Open Society Institute Faculty Development Program – USA, Kentucky State University and Albany State University (2011-2013); Erasmus Mundus (ECW for Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan) Post-Doctoral research – France, Angers, (2009). He is a Head of the following educational programs at Telavi State University: ‘’New and Newest History”, (MA), ‘’Cultural Studies”,(BA minor), School of Humanities; ‘’Public Administration”, (BA) School of Social Science; “Caucasus Researches” (politics, community, conflict), (MA) on the Faculty of Social Sciences. Dr Simashvili teaches a number of courses at the Telavi State University, the Caucasus University and Tbilisi State University, including the courses Conflict Science, Political Theory, International Terrorism, Revolution Parties and Terrorism, Military History, Modern Radical Islamic movements. The selected publications authored by Dr Simashvili include: “Russian Imperial Secret (Political Police and Grants” The Archival Bulletien, Police Academy Publisher, #14 “Caucasus and Conflicts”, I International Symposium, Caucasus and Globalization: Problems and Perspectives Materials, Telavi State University; ‘’Secret Agents and Terror: Origin of Organized Terror in Russian Empire” (From History of Russian Secret Police), Iv. Javakhishvili State University and Institute of  History Transactions; ‘’Caucasus and conflicts – in theory context of S. Huntington’s “Civilization Collision”, I. Gogebashvili Telavi State University Transactions #1(23)