Dr Sergi Kapanadze

Dr Sergi Kapanadze is a Dean of the School of Governance at the Caucasus University (since 2013) and Director of the multi-profile think tank GRASS (Georgia’s Reforms Associates) since 2012. He also serves as Associate Professor in International Relations at the Tbilisi State University (TSU) (since 2005), where he was a Dean of the Social and Political Sciences in 2013. He is a graduate of Executive Program in Negotiation and Mediation in Singapore, holds PhD in international Relations (TSU), MA in International Relations and European Studies (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary). He has extensive experience of working at the Georgian foreign ministryin different positions, including as Deputy Foreign Minister (2011–2012), Foreign Intelligence Special Service of Georgia and Administration of the President of Georgia. He was a chief negotiator from Georgia to the Geneva International Discussions – peace talks between Georgia and Russia after the 2008 armed conflict. Dr Kapanadze teaches a number of courses both at the Caucasus University and Tbilisi State University, including the international negotiations, conflict management and negotiations, European integration, and Europeanisation of the state policies. He is a recipient of the Presidential Decree of Excellence (2011). In 2014 he was nominated to serve on the Panel of Eminent Persons in the OSCE, tasked with the developing of the recommendations on how to improve the European security.